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Thursday, 23 June 2016

The SC & more n°331: Faites de la Musique

 I sing in the German-French Choir of my town. I really enjoy it and we've just had our summer concerts. We usually wear black trousers or skirts, but just two weeks before the concerts, my black trousers abandonned me (read: big holes that I could not repair). I did not want to go shopping, I never find anything I really like and that really suits me. So I took out my old Burda magazines and chose a pattern.

Picture for the Museum, visit the page for more creations
 And now I have a skirt that I LOVE! It's shape is quite flattering, it does even "hide" my belly ;)
Now, the SC & more challenge for this week has the "Fête de la Musique" for theme, or rather "Faites de la Musique" - make music. I am not out of topic since the skirt was sewn for my choir singing. My favourite part of the skirt: the pockets! I love the cherries ^^.