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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The SC & more n°329: Fox

This week we are invited at Jessica's, her chosen them: Fox. Inspiration was hard to find, until I opened my small cupboard with my fleece fabrics. I had this bright orange coupon which was shouting "use me!" pretty loudly. So even though it is not really the season for scarf, I made one. I will probably use it as a Christmas present next december ;)

I didn't want to make it too long, I just wanted the scarf to be wrapped around the neck. It is quite cosy and warm.
The tail was planned differently, longer, pointier BUT
I had a small mishap while sewing: I forgot to mirror the two pieces. Undoing a seam on fleece is a nightmare, so I just shortened it.
Next time I'll pay better attention.

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How do you like it? I can hardly wait for the next challenge on Friday :)


  1. Joliement fait cette écharpe queue renard

  2. it's beautiful and you are not late to Christmas but too september and school

  3. c'est sur c pas de saison, mais sympa !

  4. I love it !! (and i would have not noticed about the tail if you did not mention ) Great idea and work !!

  5. Très jolie ton écharpe, tu as pris de l'avance pour tes cadeaux de Noël !

  6. top j'aime beaucoup une super idée ...nath