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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The SC & more n°328 : Black & White

This week Isabelle dreams in B&W, or all white, or all black ;)
My daughter is going to her Grand-parents for a sleep-over for the very first time tomorrow. I am probably more worried than she is! She is actually extremely excited about it. But nevertheless, I expect her to be a trifle sad when comes bedtime. So I prepared her two things:
1- a kiss-tissue. The idea was given to me by my sister. She prepared a whole box of tissues when she went away for several days without her daughters. I liked the idea very much and decided to give N. one for the night.

I don't usually use make-up but for once my lipstick got used! ;)

2- I made her a mini comforter-cushion in white satin fabric with black thread. The heart in the middle isn't too good because I didn't draw first. The cushion is a little crooked because I made it quickly without taking measurements first. Inside I have put a little bit of batting to give some fluffiness to the comforter.
For the Museum
I am ready to bet my son is going to ask for those things as well. He was a little jealous of his sister's trip, but I promised him a mother-son day and I planned fun activities such as taking a round-trip in the "Parkeisenbahn" - a mini-train going all around the huge park in our town. This should be a lot of fun!

I am taking things slow, but I quite enjoy being back on my blog and writing again. I hope you are enjoyin reading my posts ;)