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Friday, 10 June 2016

Kitchen crochet

I love the Catania yarn from Schachenmayr. It is my favourite to make toys for children (mine and my friends'). I got several books for Christmas, one of them is full of patterns for the children's toy-kitchen. I started a muffin-form when my son went to Kindergarten in January, but I didn't go far, lacking time really... Then last weekend I took my crochet bag with me and decided to finish it. I made a four-muffin-form instead of a six one. My children's oven isn't that very big and I also do not intend on making too many muffins (four to eight will do).
The felt sweets I made several years ago fit quite nicely, so I might not even bother making cupcakes or muffins ;)
I like the colours, citrus fruits and bright summer-sky blue! The perfect baking-form for summer!

In addition I used a bit of left-over yarn to make lollipops. N. and T. love them!

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