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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dragon Blanket

 Several months ago I discovered a great pattern thanks to Pinterest, from MJ's off the Hook the Dragon Blanket! It looked amazing and a friend of mine asked me to make one - child size. It did take me a little while because I was juggling many things at the same time, but the result was well worth it, despite a few small mistakes (things I'd do differently another time).
I used  yarn from Schachenmayr, the Big Bravo Color (Feuer). I just think it is gorgeous, those warm red colours with glimpses of yellow and purple.

I love it!

I will probably be making some mermaid blankets some time soon as well. I love how quickly they build up and how they look. My children are very keen on getting their own blankets ;)


  1. Wahou ! Quel travail ! Bravo, c'est superbe :)

  2. It is fine and fun! ❤️

  3. Coucou Fred ! Je t'ai taguée ;-)

  4. Absolument genial ! J'ai hate de voir la version sirene !