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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Crochet food

 I am starting to have a lovely stash of colourful yarn, I mostly have cotton yarn. I love working with cotton and making toys for the children. I also had a lot of fun making those pictures with my new camera (Samsung NX3300). The colours are so rich:

I made this play-food set for my Godchild. I think she likes them very much. After Christmas her Mum told me that she was spending every day "eating" macaroons and chicken! 

 And for my children I made a cauliflower. I couldn't resist the temptation when I saw the pattern in a friend's book!
It was a rather long effort but well worth it. I think soon I'll post an article on crochet books. There are really nice ones!

I now own about 4 or 5 crochet books and with checking out Pinterest, I certainly don't lack inspiration! Just lacking time ;)

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Pony House

Hi everybody!

It has been a month since I last posted, I am truly sorry about that! Things have been pretty hectic since Christmas. My youngest has started going to the Kindergarten, I have been getting ready for my new job starting in February and trying to get some stuff done around the flat in the meantime... Plenty of things for me to do! 
I kept crafting in the meantime but I didn't find enough time to write about it.

I do not want to abandon my blog though, so I will try to make an effort in the next days or weeks to get back to writing more regularly.

I will start today by showing you what I made for N. She has a thing for ponies at the moment (Filly and My Little Pony), and she needed a place to store them. I thought I'd make some fun storage that she could also played with. I got an old nightstand from a neighbour and started remodeling it.
The children also took some part in preparing the house. I found some kits for assembling doll furniture. They both had a great time making them!
 The colours of both carpets and walls were actually chosen by N. She wanted the house super-colourful and bright.
 And after two weeks or so, the ponies did move in and enjoyed their new abode.
How do you like the house? I rather like it but I think I will need to work on some lights for next winter. Play time in dark winter wasn't too great with just the ceiling light from the bedroom.

Have a pleasant evening and drop by again soon, I promise I'll be writing again :)