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Thursday, 19 November 2015

The SC & more n°300: Notebook

This week is the 300's edition of the SC & more, isn't that a great number? Isabelle is taking part in a Creativity Fair and asked us to prepare blank notebooks to make notes and drawings on our visit. Unfortunately I am nowhere near Paris and cannot visit this amazing looking fair. I also don't need a notebook as I have several already.
Christmas time is coming soon though, so I thought of making my children a notebook each for Mass on Sundays.

The drawing on the right is from Tante Menoue
A blank notebook would not make sense for my almost 3yo and my 4yo, they have one each already, a second one would be useless. Instead I alternated coloring pages with blanks pages. I found the drawings online, the very last one is from Tante Menoue who does amazing religious drawings and objects.

In our family Christmas isn't just about the presents, and there is no Santa coming. We celebrate the birth of Jesus and I am rather keen on presenting the children with religious images and stories. That does not mean we avoid non-religious stories, far from it! We have books about Santa, but for the children they remain stories.

I hope you like my little booklets. Go and have a look at the others' creations, there are some really nice ones!


  1. les papiers que tu as choisis sont magnifique! tes enfants ont beaucoup de chance!

    1. De la marque Folia Paper - Made in Germany. Ce sont des papiers pour pliage. Ils sont superbes oui!

  2. C'est une bonne idée de préparer des carnets de coloriage pour tes enfants. Fêter Noël dans l'amour de ses proches est aussi un beau projet créatif ;)

  3. Ils sont superbes tes carnets !! Bravo, en voilà des loulous qui ont de la chance !!! Belle et douce journée !