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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The SC & more n°299 : Kawaii

 This week Nathalie wants us to "aaaaawwwww" her with sweet things. Her chosen them is "Kawaii" which apparently means "cute". I'll take her word for it :)

I am currently very busy preparing for two Christmas markets (on the 22nd of November and 5th of December) and I decided to try something new which I find super cute: Christmas tree decorations for the knitters.

I present you my mini-knitting kits! Aren't they really sweet? Totally "Kawaii" or not ?

For the Museum
Knitting needles: about 2,5 cm big!

 I like them so much that I hardly want to sell them. I am very much hoping a few will be left over, if not then I'll have to make a few more ;)

Let's see on Friday what Isabelle will ask us to make. I missed last week's Panda challenge, I hope I won't miss another one!


  1. adorables tes petites pelotes de laine et leurs petites aiguilles :)
    belles expos alors (tu nous diras)
    merci et belle journée - nath

  2. So kawaii !!! Et quelle production !!!

  3. So kawaii !!! Et quelle production !!!

  4. Quelle adorable et excellente idée ! Je pense que tu vas avoir du succès. Tu mets un mini tuto dans la boule ?

  5. Merci À toutes pour vos gentils commentaires. Je vais essayer de préparer un tuto dans les prochains jours pour les demandeuses :)

  6. Tout mimi ! Et bon courage pour les preparations des marches de Noel !

  7. C'est adorable et quelle production !!! Belle soirée !

  8. Comme ça doit être beau dans un sapin !!!