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Thursday, 29 October 2015


I got three presents today for my birthday (last week), great DIY books and a creative year planner for 2016. I loved them! They were prettily wrapped in colourful papers and beautiful white ribbons. 

I have a thing for ribbons, my sisters, mother and mother-in-law could vouch for that. My son seems to have the same thing ;) he tried to steal them from me. So I decided to let him have one. That's generous of me, isn't it?

Here is what I used before giving the ribbon to him: 
- a glue pistol
- three ribbons
- three small sticks
 and tadaaaaaa! Three pretty ribbons to play with, one for N., one for T. and one for A. - N.'s best friend.
 I will give them away this afternoon and I am looking forward to making pictures of the three children dancing with the ribbons flying around them.

My Grandmother had made something like this for my sister M. and I. In blue. How we played and loved them! I just hope my children will love them as much as we did ours.

The SC & more n°297: Boo!

Jessica wants us to scare everybody this week :) So here we go: Boo! Bouh! Buh! pick your favourite spelling! I chose the german one for our door:
Four layers of felt sewn together and then cut following the seams. Add a small spider and here we are. How do you like it? Did I scare you?
For the Museum
 Let's meet again tomorrow on Isabelle's blog to see what the next theme will be.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The SC & more n°296: Apple

This week's theme is apple. It fits the season perfectly! This time again, it is my children's turn to participate to the challenge instead of me and here is what they made with their grandmother for my birthday:

Check out the Museum for the other apples, there are some very appetizing fruits around :) and don't forget to visit Isabelle's blog tomorrow at 8h for the next theme!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Un mot, des titres - session 35 : Fleur

Ce mois-ci Calypso nous a proposé le mot "Fleur" pour notre lecture. J'étais en train de lire des ouvrages de Louisa May Alcott, quand je me suis rendue compte qu'elle a écrit des fables sur les fleurs. C'est même son premier livre écrit en 1848.

Fables de Fleurs

Dans ce livre nous sommes transportés à la cour des Fées, où la reine des fées demande à ses sujets de lui raconter une histoire chacun. Histoires pour divertir aussi bien que pour enseigner.
Nous pouvons alors passer d'histoire en histoire, chaque petite fée contant de belles fables. L'une d'elle nous raconte l'histoire d'une méchante fée qui est amie avec une douce et gentille fée, ils parcourent le monde ensemble et la gentille doit toujours soigner les plantes que la méchante a abîmé. Un jour la méchante fée est faite prisonnière par des esprits. Elle ne sera libérée que lorsqu'elle se sera repentie. Et même après son repenti, des épreuves l'attendent pour prouver sa conversion.
Chaque histoire a une morale, chaque histoire se termine bien et donne une impression de douceur.
En bref un petit livre bien agréable et facile à lire. Il ne faut pas perdre de vue l'époque à laquelle Alcott écrivait, sinon on pourrait croire que ce sont des histoires d'une grande naiveté et sans intérêt.

À bientôt pour une prochaine lecture.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

The SC & more n°295: First frosts

Ange asked us to make something to fend off the first frosts. When she published her post last week, I could not find any idea as it wasn't that cold yet, we still had about 16°C outside! Then suddenly over the weekend, winter came around and temperatures dropped to 0°C at night. My children did not need anything so I made something for their dolls.
Both T. and N. are happy about those new pieces of clothing, but N. wasn't too happy about the colours: there is NO PINK!
N.'s doll needs some warmer clothing, this summer dress is a little thin and short ;) but I don't know yet when I will have the time.
A picture for the Museum
Thanks Ange for this theme! And we will all meet again tomorrow for the next challenge on Isabelle's blog.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The SC & more n°294 : Leaf

This week Isabelle asked us to do something with or about a leaf. I have been pretty busy and this is a last minute project. I picked up a leaf in the street today and decided to make a canvas with a method I learnt when I was in primary school: toothbrush paiting :) So much fun!
and as an extra, here are the lyrics to a 20th century popular song about Autumn (invented by two female scouts in 1942 according to Wikipedia) - I just love it! (listen to this version on Youtube)
Colchiques dans les prés fleurissent, fleurissent,
Colchiques dans les prés : c'est la fin de l'été.

La feuille d'automne, emportée par le vent,
En ronde monotone tombe en tourbillonnant.

Châtaignes dans les bois se fendent, se fendent,
Châtaignes dans les bois se fendent sous les pas.

La feuille d'automne, emportée par le vent,
En ronde monotone tombe en tourbillonnant.
 Nuages dans le ciel s'étirent, s'étirent,
Nuages dans le ciel s'étirent comme une aile.

La feuille d'automne, emportée par le vent,
En ronde monotone tombe en tourbillonnant.
Et ce chant dans mon coeur murmure, murmure,
Et ce chant dans mon coeur appelle le bonheur.

La feuille d'automne, emportée par le vent,
En ronde monotone tombe en tourbillonnant.

Wishing you all a lovely colourful Autumn! Check out the Museum to see the other leaves :)

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The SC & more n°293: Nathalie's birthday

This week is Nathalie's birthday and she is hosting the SC & more!

So Nathalie, I wish you a happy birthday with many beautiful virtual presents! here are mine for you: a colourful drawing I made on the weekend, and a little plane to help you in your travels around the virtual world ;)

Visit the museum to see her other presents! and see you next week for the next challenge.