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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pony frenzy!

 I finally get around to showing you what I worked on for several weeks. In the end I could hardly enjoy it, I finished four large ponies, but I still have three small ones waiting to be completed. I lacked time and motivation, so they will be finished for Christmas.

I had come across this pattern from Knit one Awesome via Pinterest and was determined to give it a try. 

Getting the eyes ready
Let's take a run!

The hard work was completely worth it though, the four girls who received those ponies were so happy!! The look on their faces when they discovered them was priceless!

So as I said, I'll be finishing three little ones for Christmas and I am also planning on making two more for my son who feels a little left behind without any pony.


  1. Merci Marie ^^ j'ai compté environ une quinzaine d'heures par poney. Beuuuuuh j'en pouvais plus! Le olus fou par contre c'est de remettre le couvert pour Noël!! Mais la moitié des petites tailles est déjà faite et mon fils a vraiment envie d'avoir les siens. Donc bon... *soupir*

  2. J'adore tes poneys, ils sont trop girly ! J'aime aussi beaucoup tes photos de pas à pas avec les poneys alignés !

  3. Oh là là qu'ils sont mignons ! j'adore tous les petits détails...