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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cherry stones cushions

My parents-in-law have several cherry-trees and they were quite prolific this year. We got a LOT of cherries, but only after a while I did think of keeping the stones ;) I'll do better next year. I had about 800gr of stones, so I made three small cushions and I have about 160gr of stones left.
- 200 gr cherry stones
- 14 x 14 cm fabric (100% cotton) + sewing allowance
- thread

 Fold right side against right side, sew the three sides but not forgetting to leave an opening to turn inside-out the cushion cover, then fill it.
Reduce the power to minimum (less than 400W) and micro-wave the cushion for about a minute (a little more if you like it hotter).
And enjoy its soft warmth and the massage that the stones provide. It is perfect in winter if you are cold, or whenever you have a belly or back ache. We use those cushions all the time in our home! We now have two large ones (bought) and two small ones (handmade). My children prefer the smaller ones as they are less bulky and much lighter.
The cushions can also be used as "comforter" for the little ones. My children often like having a warm cushion at bedtime. I guess it gives the impression I am still giving them a warm cuddle ;)

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  1. What a good idea ! I will keep it in mind for my Christmas presents (next year as it's going to be difficult to find the stones now...)

    PS: your crocheted plane is a real cutie !!!