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Thursday, 24 September 2015

The SC & more n°292: Tin

Tins are this week's challenge! I did not have one at home, so at first I decided to crochet a tin for the children's play kitchen.
 But after talking with a friend about the challenge, she brought me one ^^ . So today I took out my hammer, a nail, and started hammering away. It was fun, but I was a little annoyed how the tin shaped changed. Then I added a length of lace.
 Have a look at the Museum to see what the others have made.

Monday, 14 September 2015

The SC & more n°291: The woods

This week, Madame Cerise invites us for a walk in the woods. We haven't been out in the woods for a little while but I had some reserves from last year and on Sunday we went to the Botanical Garden. I love this place! The children also took advantage of the walk to gather some treasures.
This afternoon after picking up N. from the Kindergarten, we started doing some DIY. At first T. watched Cinderella, but after a little while he could not manage to resist to the attraction of paint and glue ;)

What did we make? Two door-wreath and a decorative box.
 Take a paper plate and cut it in the middle. N.'s was cut all around, with mine I made a sort of small "shelf" in the centre. Do some paint job, I chose a mix of brown, orange and green to recall the colours of autumn.
 Once it is painted, wait until it dries... N. and T. desperately wanted to get on with the next step, so I spent around 10 minutes hair-drying the paint. Then I took out my glue gun and they were able to glue all sorts of pine cones, leaves, branches etc.
N. is going to take her wreath to the Kindergarten to decorate the door to her group's room. Her Kindergarten changed the group system and moved the children and educators around a bit. N. is now in the green group which is "Nature and Senses". It suits N. really well as she loves bringing small stones, flowers, and other treasures to show in the morning.

So that's our participation to the SC & more. Visit the Museum to see the rest and Isabelle's blog on Friday morning for the new challenge!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Cuddly planes

If you remember, the other day I made three mini-wheels but without telling you what they were for. 
 Well now I can tell you. A young E. just celebrated his fourth birthday and here is his present:

 I had found a pattern via Pinterest a while ago, but had not gotten round to use it until two days ago. Now, the thing is that while making it, my little boy asked very kindly (and desperately) if he could have one too. So I made him one as well and he just loves it.
I also made a small pink car for his sister, she was so happy about it! She liked it so much that she spent the night with it :)
I used a pattern from "Look at what I made". I made a few mistakes but on the whole, it was rather easy to make the mini-car.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The SC & more n°290: 3

The number 3 is this week's challenge theme given by Isabelle  . 

 Here is my participation:
 Three mini wheels - the smaĺlest is hardly bigger than my 2,5yo 's fingertip! I cannot show you what they are intended for though, not before Friday when a birthday boy will be opening his 4th birthday present :)
So... if you are curious, visit me again on Friday at 16h! Check out the other creations in the Museum



Cherry stones cushions

My parents-in-law have several cherry-trees and they were quite prolific this year. We got a LOT of cherries, but only after a while I did think of keeping the stones ;) I'll do better next year. I had about 800gr of stones, so I made three small cushions and I have about 160gr of stones left.
- 200 gr cherry stones
- 14 x 14 cm fabric (100% cotton) + sewing allowance
- thread

 Fold right side against right side, sew the three sides but not forgetting to leave an opening to turn inside-out the cushion cover, then fill it.
Reduce the power to minimum (less than 400W) and micro-wave the cushion for about a minute (a little more if you like it hotter).
And enjoy its soft warmth and the massage that the stones provide. It is perfect in winter if you are cold, or whenever you have a belly or back ache. We use those cushions all the time in our home! We now have two large ones (bought) and two small ones (handmade). My children prefer the smaller ones as they are less bulky and much lighter.
The cushions can also be used as "comforter" for the little ones. My children often like having a warm cushion at bedtime. I guess it gives the impression I am still giving them a warm cuddle ;)

Monday, 7 September 2015

Up-cycling old jeans

I've got some clothes to repair, transform, up-cycle etc. A big pile actually... and I only seem to be able to deal with one every now and then. I had such a big plan with it! Three pieces per week, but after two weeks I realised I could not manage - I have too many things going on.

But anyway, here the one thing I did the other day: a belt-bag made from an old pair of jeans, some fabric remains and two snap buttons.

I am looking forward to using it. It is probably be quite practical when doing small trips that do not require a handbag.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Miniature toys

If you remember I had made some traveling toys last year for the big trip we made to Brittany. Well, somebody really liked them and asked if I could make one for her niece's birthday. I was told the little girl was fond of playing with her dolls and being a little mother... so I came up with this:

I hope little D. liked it and will enjoy many sweet games with this "Thumbelina".

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pony frenzy!

 I finally get around to showing you what I worked on for several weeks. In the end I could hardly enjoy it, I finished four large ponies, but I still have three small ones waiting to be completed. I lacked time and motivation, so they will be finished for Christmas.

I had come across this pattern from Knit one Awesome via Pinterest and was determined to give it a try. 

Getting the eyes ready
Let's take a run!

The hard work was completely worth it though, the four girls who received those ponies were so happy!! The look on their faces when they discovered them was priceless!

So as I said, I'll be finishing three little ones for Christmas and I am also planning on making two more for my son who feels a little left behind without any pony.