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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The SC & more n°287: Souvenir

This week the SC & more challenge is hosted by Ma Fabrique by Karo, she is asking us what we did or will bring back home as a souvenir of our holiday. I have two things in mind:

*The rodent skull that my father found in the garden in France. We took it back to the Kindergarten, the children and educators were quite excited about it! Unfortunately I cannot show you a picture, I was sure I had taken one but I cannot find it.

*The other (and much prettier) souvenir I have is a great picture of my two children and my two nieces in their made-with-love nightwear (see post there):

The four of them were delighted with their gowns and pjs. They also had a great time together. Now that they are all above the age of 2, they can have conversations and play very nicely together. Their chattering and laughing is the best souvenir I could bring back from our holiday ♥♥♥♥

Take a look at the Museum to see the other participants' souvenirs.


  1. Ooooh !!! J'adore tous ces petits bouts de choux en pyjama et crocs...
    Top ... Top...

  2. Tes talents de couturière me ravissent toujours autant !

  3. En effet les voir grandir pendant les vacances me laisse, à moi aussi, de jolis souvenirs.
    Très chouette tes petits pyjamas !
    Je n'est pas trouvé comment voir les autres souvenirs: "Museum".

  4. Bonjour Marie, javais juste oublié le lien. C'est corrigé :)

  5. @ Karo: ils sont trognons oui :)
    @ Ange Lempreinte: ton commentaire me touche beaucoup. Merci!

  6. Ils sont tous les 4 vraiment mignons dans leurs superbes pyjamas !