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Monday, 31 August 2015

Bath toys

Bath toys... Who hasn't had the problem of toys that get mouldy inside because it is near impossible to empty all the water?
Recently I came across a brand Olie&Carol that makes bath toys from 100% natural latex. I am very much interested in those toys and I'd love to get a boat and a duck:

 But I still need to find a shop close to me, or at least an online shop in Germany that would have both in stock.

In the meantime I am getting rid of the other toys and I am not buying new ones. The other day though, I decided to make some new toys for the children's bath time:
T. (2,5yo) tried to practice cutting in a straight line while I made some more advanced stuff ;)
In the end I did not get time to get much done, but at least they have a few elements to play with for now. Elements that include numbers from 1 to 5. At some point I'll make more numbers and letters, as well as signs: + , - , = etc.

What do your children play with in their bath?

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