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Saturday, 18 July 2015

The SC & More n°283: Nightwear

This week Mummy Factory is hosting the challenge! She told us to do whatever we like. Two days ago I went to the fabric shop... bad idea ;) as per usual I bought several pieces. Among them two very sweet, soft and light 100% cotton fabrics. One in blue, one in light purple. They reminded me immediately of old nightwear I had as a child and I visualised my daughter and my two nieces in nightgowns made of those fabrics. So I had to buy them.

I made three gowns, size 5yo, size 4yo and size 3yo.
One in blue with blue biais tape.
One in light purple with pink biais tape and one in purple with purple biais tape.

I didn't want to use the same fabric (with mini bows) for my son, so I used my favourite Ikea fabric with the same biais tape as the first night gown, and I made summer pjs!
I am very much looking forward to seeing the four cousins together!!

For the Museum, a square picture
These nightwears are really light and look comfortable. They are ideal for hot summer nights such as the ones we have currently!

In about two weeks we will be all together, won't that be nice? A quatuor with a 5yyo, a 4yo, a 3yo and a 2,5yo!! Days will be lively :)