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Monday, 13 July 2015

The SC & more n°282: My favourite colour!

"Make something in your favourite colour!" is this week's challenge. Oh I love it! I certainly did not need to think long about the colour I was to use :) My favourite colour is pink and a couple of months ago I found a fabric which I absolutely love: purple with small flowers and two children (in pink) kissing. The remaining question was what to make. I am now quite completely addicted to crochet and where I go, I take my gear with me. I was just missing a proper bag for it... Up to now! 

I'm happy to present you my wrist-crochet bag:
Picture for the Museum

And to top it off, a mini-pink rabbit to hold my tapestry needles.

I have already spotted a few things to improve the next time I make such a bag: put a piece of cardboard or plastic at the bottom of the bag, use some Vlieseline on the sides to strengthen them, make the bag a little less wide and a little higher.

On the whole though I like it and think it is rather pretty and practical :)


  1. J'adore ! Très pratique et le tissu est très beau !

  2. J'adore ! Très pratique et joli tissu

  3. C'est superbe !!et il a l'air tellement pratique!

  4. violet j'adOre et top ta pochette est superbe ....nath

  5. Magnifique, vraiment bien pensé !

  6. Quelle belle trousse à crochets, j'adore

  7. wouaouh trop trop joli !!!!!!!!!!!!