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Monday, 6 July 2015

Medieval Market & Costumes

Earlier this year we went to a Medieval Market in Meißen. Meißen is a lovely town along the Elbe. The weather was beautiful and for the occasion I re-used the dress I had made for the carnival, for the children I made new costumes. They loved them!


T.'s costume is rather big so it will last him a couple of years. His head-wear was made from this pattern, I could not get bulk yarn, so I used two threads instead. It was actually quite quick to make and I loved how it turned out!
N.'s dress is also too big, so I am also on the "safe" side for some time. Her crown and mine actually were both made from this pattern, I really liked making them.  It was also a very easy and fast project. I just found it difficult to determine which size would be right. N. was very happy, I used shiny threads for both ^^

What do you think? Do you like them as much as I do? :)


  1. C'est génial ce que tu as fait, dommage que mon anglais ne soit pas terrible...

    A bientôt !

  2. Merci Marie! Si tu as envie de traductions et/ou de patrons, dis le moi :)

    1. Ah je retiens la proposition ! Merci