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Friday, 19 June 2015

Pretty present for a new home

Friends of ours have just bought themselves a flat and have renovated it. They have moved in their new home and have invited us and another few friends to celebrate with them. I thought of bringing them a nice bunch of flowers (pretty common present here in Germany for all occasions! Even babies get flowers for their birthday!), but I am not sure whether my friend does have vases or not. So I went hunting for a pretty one today and got some shiny marbles for the bottom.
It is pretty enough by itself, but I thouht it was lacking a little something, a little bit of ... hmmm character maybe?
So I cut a small length of adhesive lace and put it around the base of the vase. A small discreet touch, a little bit of personalisation. Do you like it?
And the final touch was to write with porcelain pens at the bottom of the vase. It won't be seen by anybody but the owners when they clean their vase, but I wanted to write the date as a small reminder of when they moved in their Home.

We will get the flowers tomorrow and we are very much looking forward to visiting our friends tomorrow :)

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