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Monday, 22 June 2015

Popsicle DIY

A week ago I got a really good tip on FB, instead of buying Popsicle sticks in a craft shop or on a craft website, I could go to the local pharmacist and get a whole pack of 100 pieces for just under 2€! On the next day I went to the pharmacist and got myself a pack :)
 I had no immediate plan of using them, but I liked the idea of just having them at home... I am a hoarder, you know. On the same day I put four sticks to soak and left them overnight. They don't bend super easily, but they still fit in a small glass.
Today we are having a rainy afternoon and the children were in a bad mood when we got home from the Kindergarten. So I decided we'd do some craft.

First we made two bracelets:
 And then we made dolls. Just using felt pens and imagination. N. , who will soon be 4yo, was really thrilled and she tried really hard to copy my first doll and after that she just let her imagination loose.
T., 2,5yo, scribbled a bit on two sticks. Although he IS able to draw people now, he did not make any effort at all. He preferred playing with the ones I had drawn already.
We now have a nice little family of dolls, mostly girls in pink though ;)
I also had a wooden box lying around, I quickly glued some fabrics and the dolls now have a house!
Cutting to make children
Time to play!
How do you like them? Unfortunately for me, T. and N. had fun making them, T. enjoyed playing 10min with them, but now the novelty is over and they are moaning again. I so dislike rainy days!!


  1. Même plus peur d'aller chez le médecin ou le dentiste alors:-)

    J'aime beaucoup tes idées de détournement d'utilisation! Quelle créativité!

    1. Jamais eu peur ni du dentiste ni du médecin de toute manière ;)
      Si tu ne connais pas Pinterest, regarde, c'est truffé de bonnes idées!!