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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Mealtimes and organisation

Been busy last night and today. My children are 2,5 and almost 4yo and they are starting to dislike wearing bibs at meal times. Even the ones my mother made that look more like napkings with an elastic band do not satisfy them entirely.
We also don't have that many "grown-up" napkins, so I decided to make a few. I have enough fabric for that!
I decided to make them a little over-sized to be able to bind them around the children's necks: 50 x 50 cm.
I now have SIX more napkins.
Four with Winnie the Pooh
Two with garden themed motives
 Now sewing new napkins is fine, but there is one thing that is currently driving me mad and it was high time I did something about it: the bibs lying around on the ground because somehow they can never be put properly on the chair or the table.

So in addition to the napkins, I made little pouches:
I will make two more but without Winnie the Pooh since they will be for my husband and I  ;)

Material used: denim fabric, cotton fabric, machine thread and KAM press-studs. It would have gone quite quickly without my little ones running around, switching off my machine every now and then, fighting, asking for things etc... but on the whole I'd say it was still a good work for the day. I will try to finish my task tomorrow. If they are worth it, I'll even show them to you!

Have a lovely evening!

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