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Friday, 10 April 2015

T-shirt garn rug

I've been keeping old t-shirts for a while now, even before getting on Pinterest. Then I found pins on how to cut them to make yarn. So now I'm cutting my t-shirts and making a lot of yarn. One t-shirt gives about 10 meters of yarn. There are also many tutorials for rugs but I decided to give a try to making up my own pattern.

I'm presenting it to you now. It is my first one and I know already that there are mistakes, I'll point them out later with the pictures.

T-shirt yarn rug

Using about 5 to 6 t-shirts with a 10 mm hook
I am using UK terminology / dc = double crochet ; ch = chain ; = slip stich ; htr = half trebble ; tr = trebble ; ch.sp. = chain space
*..* repeat all around
1-  6dc in a magic ring
2- 2dc in each stitch
3- 2dc in each stitch
4- Ch2 *1dc - ch2* join with
5- Ch2 *3htr in each ch.sp. - ch1* in the 1st ch
6- in the next ch.sp
7- *4dc in ch.sp - ch1*
 Note = you can stop here to make a table mat

8- Ch3 *Tr in each st*
9- Ch3 *2tr - ch1 - skip 1 st*
10- *ch5 - skip 2 st and in the 3rd st*
11- In each ch.sp around *dc - htr - tr - htr - dc*

 So now, let's start with some self-criticism :)

The rug does curl a bit, which I think means that there are too many stitches on one row and you can also see exactly where I started every new row. It's very obviously crooked!!
So I suppose you can give a try to the pattern but there are definitely some adjustments to be made.

On the whole I am quite pleased with the rug's general look. What do you think?

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