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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Crochet ball

 On Easter weekend we had a lot of snow, so we were inside quite a lot. I seized the occasion to crochet a little more. My parents-in-law were about to go on a small trip and wanted to take small presents for their friends' children. I offered to make a small rattle-ball for the youngest child - 1,5yo. Inside is hidden a Kinder surprise box with dry beans inside. I've glued it with instant glue for additional safety.
 I have made round projects before, but I was never really satisfied with their roundness, so I search for a "perfect ball" pattern on Pinterest. I found one on Ms Premise-Conclusion and decided to try it out. It was not easy to follow as there was no apparent logic, at least in my opinion. But the result was brilliant!
I'll definitely be making more balls from that pattern!

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