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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Adjusting trousers' waist in less than 10min

Online one can find many tutorials on how to adjust the waist of one's trousers. I am glad to read that I am not the only woman on Earth having a "gap" problem!

Last time I bought trousers (about two years ago I think) I tried one technique which consisted of sewing an elastic band to the waist band of the trousers. It worked well enough for me to wear them (with additional belt) during those two years. But I wasn't entirely satisfied, it didn't look nice and had been a hassle to sew.

Yesterday I went shopping again because my previous trousers were too worn (I am planning on upcycling them into short trousers for summer though!). The "gap" still being there, I looked for other ideas on how to get rid of it. There is another technique where one makes two holes to slip through an elastic band and this band is sewn with the machine on both sides to the trousers waist. It seems like a good idea, but I do not like that you cannot adjust it at will. Since I've had my two children I have the tendency to gain and lose weight every few months *annoyed sigh*.

So I've decided to go for the second technique without the sewing-machine part! 

What you need:
A pair of scissors, needle and thread, two buttons, a safety-pin and elastic-band with button-holes
 How to:
Cut a hole inside the trousers waistband
Sew your two buttons a little further away from the hole
Button one end of the elastic, attach the safety pin to the other end, and push it through the hole
Tadaaaa! You're good to go after an under 10minutes job!
Now you have plenty of time left to grab a cup of tea and do something else while knowing that your trousers are adjusted and adjustable :)

I have a few more tutorials to come, I am so happy with crocheting that I have started making up patterns!


  1. Alors là! J'y crois pas! Moi je crochète depuis que j'ai 8 ans et je ne sais toujours pas inventer de patrons!! Je suis jalouse, na!
    J'adore tes petits lutins amigurumi! Moi, j'avais fait un chat "Amineko" tu connais? Grosses bises. Steph

    1. Non je ne connais pas le chat "Amineko", tu as une photo qq part?
      Les lutins sont faciles à faire, tu devrais essayer :)