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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Granny squares

Here is something I never thought would happen: I am hooked on crochet! I have finally managed to get it and my thumb is now very sore.Yesterday I crochetted four or five basic flowers, two flowers around wooden characters, two granny squares and today I made three more granny squares.

Mouette from "Gentil Coquelicot Mesdames" (see link in my favourite blogs) sent me a link on how to make Granny Squares. The pattern is beautiful and the explainations are extremely clear. Just following them to the letter allowed me to succeed right away! I will definitely check out more patterns on that blog! 

But from now on I will limit myself to one square a day ;) my fingers will thank me! My goal is to collect the squares and get enough for a colourful blanket :)


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