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Monday, 16 February 2015

Crochet again and again!

It is becoming a real addiction! Worse than when I first got my smartphone I must say!! I crochet when I wake up, I crochet while T. is playing in his room, I crochet while he he sleeping, I crochet before falling asleep... Addicted, I told you!

Several things I have realised: I will not be making a full blanket with my Granny Squares. My current stock of wool isn't big enough and all the skeins are of different sizes, qualities and not all wool, some are poly-acrylic, cotton etc... I am not sure how the blanket would behave after being used, washed etc. So I will add 2 to my current 10, and will make to doll blankets for my children.

I will keep using my scraps and stock to make small things, but for more "serious" projects I am going to have to begin buying proper material. Oooooh the thought of it! I am getting goose-bumps ;)

Want to see what I have been making in  the last days?

Headwarmers based on this pattern from Frayed Knot: 
Since I have used a different size of both hook and wool, I obtained something slightly smaller which is perfect for N. She just loves it!
It was originally intended for me, this raspberry colour fits perfectly with my winter jacket. So I made it again, added two more stitches and therefore four ranks, and I got the perfect size :)
After showing my sisters, two of them have asked if they could also get one! One wants it thin like N.'s but long like mine, the other wants it long like N.'s and large like mine. One in red, one in green. Haven't done the red one just yet, but the green is ready to be shipped to Ireland!
It is longer than expected though, because I lost count of my ranks! I hope it will still fit though.
 I also decided to modify the button-hole a bit. I think it looks prettier like this.

Then if you remember, I was practicing flowers. Here are two that I put on hairclips for my nieces. Just for fun I have called them "The Elsa and Anna Hairclips". My nieces are big fan of "Frozen", so that should make their day when they receive them ;)

 Still while practicing, I was curious to see what it would look like to crochet around a small wooden figure for instance. My children really like those "flower children" and play a lot with them. Children definitely don't need very elaborate toys, do they? At least for now they seem to particularly like what I make! *happy mummy*

 T. was getting jealous of N.'s headwarmer and he wanted something for himself. So I chose the less girly colours I had: black and yellow! And started a bee-beanie with the instructions from Oombawka Design. Again, not exactly the right sizes (hook and wool), but I chose a larger size in order to make up for it. In the end I actually got the announced final size... I still need to figure out when it is really important to use the right hook ;)
 T. was so thrilled! He wears it all the time now. There is one thing I had not thought of though: these are the colours of our town and also of our local football club! So I do not get asked whether he is a little bee, but rather if he is a football fan! The boys at the Kindergarten went crazy this morning because of that. 

I also loaded a few free pattern ebooks on my Kindle. And on the weekend I made dreamcatchers. They take no time to make! For the second one, N. asked to have a go. She helped me through the 2nd round, but she soon gave up. I guess 3,5yo is still a little young to manipulate the hook easily.

Last night I wanted to make a cocoon for the children's dolls and started improvising. It went really well until I realised that I actually did not have enough of the nice thick wool. So I finished it with a much thinner and angora like black wool. I like how the colours and textures contrast, but I now have a sort of "empty-your-pockets" bowl for which I have no use and nobody in my family seem to want it... Maybe I'll try to sell it ;)

 And finally, I finished just before lunch a doll cocoon from Cre8tion Crochet. I again used the material I have so: thin wool and small crochet. I wanted it to be a test for a real size version that I will make for my sister who is a professional photographer. It is rather easy to make and the result is stunning! I cannot wait to make it bigger!

 T. was standing next to me during the last 10 ranks, asking if it was for "Claude" (the doll), if I was soon done. At the moment I am writing, he is napping with "Claude" in his cocoon. I am sure he will show it first thing to his sister when she comes back from the Kindergarten!! 

I am done for today. Going back to my sewing-machine now and to my hook later on ;) I will very soon have more to post! I actually still have a lot to write about, some stuff was done around Christmas time, but time is lacking and I sometimes find it difficult to keep writing, sewing, crochetting as well as house-chores, taking care of the children... I just hope the few readers that I have will not hold a grudge against me for not being more regular on this blog.


  1. He be effectivement, on ne peut plus t'arrêter !!!!!! C'est fabuleux ! Une fois le pied à l'étrier, si t'es comme moi (et ça m'en a tout l'air .... :-)), tu vas sans cesse chercher des trucs à faire au crochet ...... de la laine et du fil tout partout en te disant ..... "elle est trop belle, j'ai le bon crochet ..... il me la faut !!!! ..... je ferais bien un petit ... ou un grand ....". Et voilà comment ça commence. Actuellement, je me partage entre la couture et le crochet : 1000 projets en tête, je bave devant les coupons, les patrons, les modèles, les grilles, les laines ....... c'est une drogue. Quelques heures de libres : c'est couture (faut sortir le matos et ça prend de la place .... en plus faut faire ça sur la table), 5 minutes de libres (genre tout est prêt, il faut juste attendre que le petit dernier ait pris sa douche, ou .... le dimanche après le déjeuner et jusqu'à 14h), c'est crochet ! Pas besoin de table : ma pelote, mon ouvrage et mon tuto suffisent et tiennent sur mes genoux ^^

    Bref ma Fred ...... bienvenue au pays des tarés de la bobine, qu'elle soit de laine, de coton ou de fil ....

    Superbes tes grannies, tes fleurettes et tes bandeaux !!!! On ne t'arrête plus ! Laissez passer Fred !!!!!!!!!

    ;-) Ravie d'avoir contribué à mon petit niveau à cet élan créatif !

    1. Il faut que je me fasse violence en ce moment pour finir mes projets de couture et non pas crocheter en permanence ;)
      Aurais-tu dans tes patrons un patron de chapeau années 20 ?