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Friday, 23 January 2015

Magic Wands

For my two brothers (14 and 8yo), I made a small project, just for fun really, but it turned out that at least the youngest of them really enjoys it: Magic wands!

You can find online loads of tutorial on how to make them. I used hazelnut twigs, I peeled them and then let them dry for some days on the warm heating. Afterwards I used my glue pistol to create shapes around the sticks, then I painted them in different shades, before finally putting a coat of varnish on top. It took a while in between the different steps but it was an extremely easy project.

Here's the result:
 As per usual I am going to have to make some more, my children were quite keen on the "Abracadabra" game as well ;) - not sure I'd make them so pointy for them though, might be too dangerous for a 3,5 and a 2yo!


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