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Monday, 12 January 2015

Buzzzzzzzzzy bees

Every now and then friends of friends or family ask me to make some things for them, I am always very happy to oblige them. My aim is to open a DaWanda shop at some point this year and start selling my craft. I'll keep you posted!

My last "order" was a mobile with bees. The lady who asked for it had no particular request on how big it should be nor how it should look like. So I let my imagination do the work and here is the work in progress:
 It all started with a hazelnut branch and a felt beehive.
Then came a little bee...
Then seven more.
A few flowers to add a little bit of colour to the mobile and then I "just" had to fix everything.
I did not want the threads to be obvious so I used nylon thread and a little bit of white glue to keep the knots in place.

It took  me a while to finish the mobile but mostly because I was procrastinating and hesitating on where to place the bees and flowers. I was very happy to be done with it and quite proud of the result.

One drawback: I MUST think twice next time I do something similar! How on Earth could I have sent it to France? I was lucky that the lady lives in my parents' town and was happy to get it after Christmas, otherwise I would have have had a big problem!

What do you think? Do you like my little busy bees?

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