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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advent wreath and little birds

Finally back after, yet again, a rather long silence... I am terribly sorry but somehow I don't seem to manage posting regularly. I always prepare a few posts, that keeps the blog going for a little while, then there is a big event coming up that's keeping me busy, I could have a LOT to post but I do not always have the motivation and/or the time for writing articles.

In any case, now I am sitting at my computer, taking the time to write a few posts that will be published in the next days and weeks. I cannot show everything at once since many things are Christmas presents ;)

I am going to start with Christmas decorations. I wrote to a french lady from this blog "Les Trouvailles de Joséphine et Adélaïde" that I would write a post about decorations in my home and about the marvellous decorations one can find in Saxony, Germany.

The first step towards Christmas time, towards Advent, was to make our wreath. Every year since I have been living in Germany (5 years now!), I make one along side my mother-in-law. The wreath is always our table center piece for the four weeks of Advent. So we make it very carefully. It is also a very nice and privileged moment spent with my husband's mother. This year we have little guests on our wreath!

My in-laws bought a certain number of wooden decorations on their last trip in Ramsau. There were two lovely little birds which I was free to paint as I saw fit. Here are pictures of the different painting stages :

A future Robin
A future Blue Tit

And finally, painted, varnished, ready to enjoy their lovely nest
My mother-in-law opted for white this year. I prefered to remain with my traditional red - although the shades are changing slightly every year.

Every day we lit the candles, we have now two already, and next Sunday we will lit the third one. Our 3,5yo is very much looking forward to the fourth candle being lit, as she knows now that it means Christmas will be around the corner :)

Wishing you all a lovely Advent time!