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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Autumn DIY

Autumn is here, but almost coming to an end! Temperatures are now quickly going down. I almost expect the snow to start falling any day now ;) - I am exaggerating a little bit. It will probably be another month before the first snow fall. Anyway, here are some of the stuff we made last year. I had not got around to showing you then, and since this year we are not making much because N. is in the Kindergarten, why not finally show you these? 

All you need is:
- pipe cleaners
- acorns, conkers, wood...
- wooden beads

- a glue gun
- some yarn
- anything you want to use for decorating

It was a lot of fun to make all those guys and N. was proud to have a little present for all the members of her family and her best friends. And I was happy to be able to use (and get rid of!) the stuff the children had collected in the forest!

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