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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Evening prayer box

Summer is always full of birthdays, this time it was my Goddaughter's turn to have her fourth birthday! I unfortunately did not have enough time to make her a lot of things nor anything big. I've bought her the tools to spool-knit and a book to make spool-knitted animals.I still wanted to make her something personal, very personal. My father-in-law makes small wooden jewelry and from him I got a small cross. Ideal for a little girl. Then I got the idea of a prayer box. After all I am H.'s Godmother, so it is part of my role to give that sort of gifts ;)

So I designed a miniature nativity scene and made it out of felt. It is tiny and it was pretty difficult to glue Marie's hands and Jesus's head!
 I then layered a tin box with a foam sheet. I've learned from it that using the hot glue pistol is a bad idea. It melts the foam! but on the other hand it stretched nicely.
On the inside of the lid I glued the "Our Father" prayer (in French), and on the bottom part I glued the figures. To the set I added a small candle and that gives you a prayer box.

Happy Birthday H.!

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