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Monday, 14 July 2014

Summer calendar

In a month N. will turn 3. She is such a big girl now, it is amazing how time flies. In September she will be going to the Kindergarten and spend her days there instead of staying home with T. and me. It will be a drastic change, but she seems keen on the idea. Last week I told her about her birthday AND the Kindergarten. I also got her a book:
Since then, every single morning she wants to read that book and she asks if today she is having her birthday and whether tomorrow she is going to the Kindergarten. When I tell her that no, we still have a while to go, she asks if instead she can go to school then - she knows about school because her uncles are still young and going to school ;) .

This was driving me mad, so after talking with my mother about it, I decided to make her a calendar. She would be able to cross every day off the calendar. While browsing the web a little bit, I got onto a blog "Idées à nous" which has a lot of activities to offer for pre-schoolers. The one I picked was the Summer 2014 Calendar. I printed the stuff and got N. to work on it. She was over the moon. She loves drawing, colouring and DIYing ^^

Ever since we finished the calendar, she is less insistent about what is happening when. It is definitely good for my nerves ;)
We have included the different summer birthdays as well as our trip to the grand-parents (symbolized by two planes since I will be flying with the children).

What do you think of it?

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