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Friday, 4 July 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 7 (N.'s dress)

Until I have a picture of the family at the wedding, this will be my last post on "sewing for a wedding".
I bought some years ago a series of patterns, this Simplicity pattern was among them. I always hoped I'd have a daughter. I also bought about three years ago (before N. was born!) the Liberty fabric. After chatting with my mother about which fabric(s) to use for making N. a dress, we agreed that the Liberty fabric would need to be decorative only. So I got a nice blue cotton for the skirt part.
Cutting and sewing was fairly easy, a few mistakes here and there ( you can see above for instance that the bodice parts aren't well aligned) but on the whole I was pleased with it.
Now, the dress as you see it on the pictures above, is how it was supposed to be: wide at the waist. I didn't like it, N. is quite thin so it made her look "lost" in a big large dress. 
My solution? a belt. 1m40 long and attached at the front (the length of the two middle squares).
In my opinion it looks a LOT better! I could have adjusted the bodice, but then N. would not have been able to wear her dress after her next growth spur ;)
The pattern was suggesting some appliqués on the bottom part of the dress, but I chose to make pockets instead. N. just loved having them for she could put little treasures in there.

So what do you think? Did I work well enough for my sister's wedding ;) ;) ;) - I must say that I was very proud of myself for achieving all this just on time for our holiday. I was even prouder when people complimented us at the wedding.

If you take a peek there: Feufollette , and there, you can see my nieces' dresses. Also hand-made, by my mother! I guess it runs in the family ^^ - My mum also decorated the small basket for the flower girl and she made the cushion for the ring-bearer. I almost forgot to say that she made a dress for one of my other sisters!
Needless to say it kept us VERY busy before the big day, but we loved it and the result was brilliant!

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