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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 6 (T.'s clothes)

T. was 17 months old when his aunt got married (almost a month ago already!). He looked gorgeous in his blue clothes.

These are the fabrics which I used:
I got the patterns for the shirt and trousers in this book:
and I made the bow-tie partly looking at tutorials online, partly looking at the one I had made for N.'s dress (from a Simplicity pattern), and also partly making up my own mind on what to do and how. T. was not pleased with the bow-tie when I first made him wear it at home. So it was actually N. who posed for the picture ;) On the wedding day though he did not complain and wore it proudly.
I used Velcro band to close the bow-tie easily. I kind of misplaced it on one side, and I should have made the band longer, but never mind. It was hidden under T.'s collar.

For his trousers I practiced sewing button-holes with the machine. It went well to my surprise.
 The trousers are adjustable at the back, so T. will be able to wear them a couple of years. Knickers trousers are usually worn bellow the knees, so we still have a long way to go ;)
I made a size 2 but decided to shorten the legs a bit. Making those trousers made me realise how short his legs are! Even shortened his trousers were still quite long!! It was fine with the shoes and by the time the wedding day came, he had grown a little bit already. I really liked sewing them, and will do it again as soon as I get the opportunity.
I cannot say much about the shirt, I did not make it myself. I was running out of time and wanted to buy a white shirt, but my mother-in-law took the pattern book and used an old shirt of her husband's to make T.'s.
Size 2 again, but this time with extra centimeters to make it a little bigger, otherwise he would have only worn it once. In the end it was a little too big, but once in the trousers it looked fine.
One small detail which I like very much: the pocket is the reduced version of the original pocket, and it still shows the initials of T.'s Opa :)

Here's my gorgeous boy. He is a little poser and knows when to smile and look sweet to get looooads of "oooohs" and "aaaaaahs" and "aaaaawwwwwws" from people ;)

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