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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 5 (traveling toys)

We went on a three weeks holiday, in the middle of which took place my sister's wedding. We moved from one place to the other and the renting flats/houses did not provide toys (which is logical and normal). I had not wanted to pack loads of toys with us, but I know that N. and T. would need some stuff to keep them entertained. So I made a farmhouse for T. with wooden animals, and a babies pouch for N.
The farmhouse was quite difficult to achieve and I made it in a hurry two days before packing and leaving! There are A LOT of mistakes and mishaps!
It did not prevent the children from playing well with it ;)

Now, for the wedding itself I also made some stuff, not just for my children but also for my two nieces. Actually I made them for the evening dinner and party. I thought they might get a little bored. In the end they did not use the toys then, but two days later they were happy to play with their miniatures.
I had seen similar boxes on Pinterest and Etsy, but generally costing around 16$. Mine aren't as perfect I suppose, but they are made with love and they were cheaper ;)

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