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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Update on my summer hats

For summer I made N. and T. two hats. They are great and usually people notice them in the streets. Two weeks ago we had a guy on a motorbike complimenting the children on their hats. That was rather funny.
Anyway, when I made them I respected the measurements the lady had given on her pattern and instructions. I was afterwards rather unhappy about one little detail: the ribbons were too short to make a nice knot under the children's chins. It was becoming loose all the time.

So when we had the "Stoffmarkt Holland" (big fabric market) in my town in May, I bought two stoppers and added them to the hats:

 These made our lives much easier. The children can put their hats on and off without help and they can also just let them hang on their backs. N. is even able to push the stopper properly to adjust it.

Now, just for the fun of showing you, this what I bought on the market :)
The three fabrics will end up being hats ... again! This time there will be one for myself and hopefully I have gotten enough fabric to make a loop as well.

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