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Monday, 30 June 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 4 (my dress)

Now I am getting to our clothes, and I'll begin with my dress. If you remember I started with this burda pattern and those two fabrics (one light cotton and one lace):
I started working on it on a weekend at my in-laws. They have a larger diner table and the children were a little less in my way. It is actually quite amazing how much you can get done when your two little ones aren't running around ;)
In just a couple of hours I had everything cut, and the first layer pinned, ready to be tried on:
I was very nervous about cutting the lace. It is rather expensive fabric, so I didn't want to make a false move. In the end I had way more than enough of it, I could almost have cut two dressed in it!
It was an early summer wedding and my sister kept saying that she had "ordered" sunshine for the day, so I chose to leave out the sleeves, the cut looked good enough without.
The lace was surprisingly uncomplicated and nice to sew. It is almost impossible to separate two pieces again though. The thread was of the perfect shade and it was extremely difficult to make out which thread was part of the lace and which was part of the seam!
 Everything seemed to fall right into place. And I got to use my sewing-mannequin for the first time. And then... well, I've got a dress that I simply love! 
It is very light and comfortable. Bonus point: I don't need to iron so carefully the underskirt, we hardly see it under the lace.

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