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Friday, 27 June 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 3 (hairclips)

For the wedding I wanted to make N. some hairclips. She does not have locks, her hair is pretty thin and I keep it short, so a little decoration was a lovely option to add to her dress. I first made those very simple ones with the fabric I used for her dress:
But I found them a little to plain. Now I have been following a blog for some time now: "Les Trouvailles de Joséphine" and I rather like what I read there. In April the author published an article about hairclips from "Tout Silo". Small butterflies. Now I love butterflies and they were also one of the themes for my sister's wedding. So I first emailed Silo to ask her permission to use her concept. After exchanging some emails, she agreed to my giving it a try. Here is the result:
 I used blue felt underneath to give it a bit of volume effect. N. really liked it. It was quite far from Silo's butterflies, but I thought it looked ok-ish. I was by then still exchanging emails with Silo, who offered to make some butterflies with my own fabric. All I had to do was to send it quickly enough - it was mid-May by then! I did it, I really liked the look of her hairclips. About a week later: tadaaaaam! My sister had received the letter with two lovely butterflies!
I was really pleased and wanted N. to wear them at the wedding. Unfortunately this young lady is starting to decide what she want to wear or not. She let me put the clip on but refused to keep it, she said it was pulling her hair and hurting her. She insisted on wearing the big one I had made.
Still on the next day, I managed to make her wear it long enough to take this picture:
I hope N. will accept to wear them at some point - I am definitely keeping them, and who knows, maybe I'll even wear them myself ;) 

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