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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 2 (felt decorations)

Sewing for a wedding, here we go again. Still no clothes to show you, I need to blur some of the pictures and also to see if anyone took a picture of my family on the wedding day ;)

Today, I'm showing you more "felt art" among other things!

My sister who got married, M., wanted a photo-booth. She asked her three sisters to be in charge. That was a lot of work, team work, but I think we rocked it.

M. (I have two sisters whose name starts with M :-p ) has always been good with drawing and painting. Look at what she made:
 She painted on table oil cloth. Iron Man is stapled to a wooden frame (he is about 2m tall), and Marilyn is attached to a photo-screen support (she is about 1m70 tall).
The frames were painted with small white butterflies. Butterflies and the colour blue were the theme of this wedding. M. made the frames herself, giving them different shapes and sizes.

B. is a lot into small DIY at the moment, she made the props:
I need to ask her for a better picture, or to link you to her blog if she puts the pictures up. This one was taken at night, so the colours do not strike out.
She used small wooden sticks and thin DIY foam. The picture really does not do her work justice, so I'll have to replace it as soon as possible!
 [Edit: Found a picture B. had sent me while making the props. It looks a lot better than mine.]

And I am more at ease with a needle, so here is my contribution:
 People seemed to rather like our ideas and work, but mostly what was most rewarding was the groom's reaction to the Iron Man prop ;)

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