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Monday, 23 June 2014

Sewing for a wedding - part 1 (sleeping mat)

Do you remember this post? In April I had my patterns and fabrics to make clothes for my children and myself for my sister's wedding that took place on the 7th of June.

It took me a while to complete everything I wanted to make, some things I gave up on the way, some others I managed, and for some my mother-in-law helped me.

I made myself a dress, for N. I made a dress and hairclips, for T. I made trousers and a bow tie. His Oma made him a shirt.

While doing all this I also kept sewing some felt food, preparing some traveling toys etc. Unfortunately, all of this took so much of my time that with planning our holiday and then packing for three weeks, I did not find the time to publish any article!

For this first article on "Sewing for a wedding", I will show you the sleeping mat that I made for little N. 

I used KAM snaps, one cotton fabric (nice and soft), one sort of cotton oil cloth, straps, a 40x80cm pillow, a 140x200cm duvet and a thin fleece blanket (all three elements being from IKEA).

Originally I had planned the blanket to be sewn in the side seam, but the blanket was not the right size. So instead I just roll it with the mat.

 N. will be able to use that mat for a looooong time. It is 180cm long! and about 70/80cm wide. I fold the duvet in three before inserting it in the mat. It does not make a very thick mattress, but for some days it is fine. Little N. really loved sleeping on it.
There is, as per usual, a lot of room for improvements. I had a rough plan and had made a couple of drawings with measurements, but I did not follow a pattern or a tutorial. I just inspired myself from what I had seen on the web.

The final result is ok, but the roll is a little too bulky for my taste. I do not see how I could make it less big so I will not try to change that.
When I get to make one for T. though, I will do the sewing a little differently: sewing everything in one piece, and then only doing the separation between pillow and duvet. This time I could not do it because I had miscalculated how much fabric I needed. So I had to cut extra pieces for the pillow case.

*sigh* will I ever learn to think more and better before ordering my fabrics and before starting a project? ;)

What do you think of the mat? Do you like the colours?

PS: the oil cloth has a point: it should prevent humidity from the ground to get to the sleeper.

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