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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Summer hats

After making beanies for mid-season weather, I wanted to make summer hats for N. and T. I do not always like the ones I see in shops. The best I found so far was in DM (one of our German shops), and two years in a row I bought the hats there for N. They did not have the same shape for boys though. I like summer hats for children to cover the neck. Some time ago I had come across a German blog: "Schnabelina". She does have a number of patterns which are quite nice and this year I decided to give a go to her summer hat pattern (to be found in the tutorials).

It was harder than I had thought and after many hours of work and an unbelievable amount of stupid mistakes, I finally got to a rather nice-looking result:

 N.'s hat does have one extra feature: a button covered with fabric on top. It was not originally planned, but I made such a mess with the fabric tips that I had to hide it (by then I could NOT be bothered to undo everything again!). I am pretty sure she hasn't even noticed it. It does not matter though, she loves her new hat - she actually was the one choosing the fabric - and wanted to wear it already when coming out of bed this morning!

I do recommend this pattern, but one should take time and care while making it. It is fairly straight forward but does require concentration. Difficult thing to achieve with two children fussing and pulling my arms while I was working.

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