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Monday, 14 April 2014

Guest Post: A. from France

Starting a small series of posts from my brother A. (almost 14yo). He has been working on some short films with my other brother E. (8yo) : The Adventures of the Golden Playmobil!

That sounds promising, doesn't it? ;) Well, both boys like to invent a short story (apparently E. is in charge of the scenario) and act it with their playmobils while taking pictures. A LOT of pictures! Then A. does the technical part of putting them all together to form a film and he adds some background music.

Here is what he says about this first video:


In this video, we see a man with a magic stick, and there's next to him a lot of wood.
He lifts his stick and the wood begins to move. 
And the wood creates a building, and the man enters in it.
The music is "Frankreich", by Black Föss.
I hope you will all appreciate the big effort he made to write this small paragraph in English. And now let's watch the video!
How did you like it? Will you want to see more of those videos? Are the boys to be encouraged? :)

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