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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Easter yarn eggs

For Easter I decided to try something new. I cannot give you the link as I have seem to have lost it, but somewhere on Pinterest or on the internet I found a recipe (flour and water!) to make yarn eggs. It went really well and I was glad it was just flour because N. licked her fingers several times. Next year I want to try a mixture of glue and water though because the flour does still show after drying.

Look at the pictures to see "how to" :
Yarn of different colours, water balloons filled with air NOT with water! Flour, water and a bowl.
Dip the yarn in the mixture.
Wipe away the excess with your fingers
Wrap around the balloons and leave to dry over night (if you can, turn them once in a while, sponging some of the liquid away).
When it is properly dry, push the balloon a little bit and burst it with a needle. That was N.'s favourite part! She just loved popping them and watching the cloud of flour flying around us!

And then display your eggs and/or fill them with decorations. One can also fill the balloons BEFORE closing them and then putting more yarn, but my chocolates were too big to fit in! So I chose to put some green felt and tiny chicks instead ;)

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  1. Nice! I saw this somewhere an want to try it out next year. Nice result!