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Tuesday, 15 April 2014


A few weeks back we had the "Handgemacht Messe" in my town, understand: the handmade fair! A dream for myself and some of my friends ;)
We naturally organised ourselves and left our husbands with our children at home to go out together and look around for ideas and ways to spend our money. Our husbands were more than willing to stay home despite the fact that they would have paid their entries half price. At the fair it was amazing how few children and men were there, I think we all got the same idea!

Anyway, my friends and I were very reasonable and didn't spend too much money. I got small set to make myself a necklace and two pieces of jersey fabric to make hats for my two little ones.

Then it took me some time to find a pattern, and finally two weeks ago I managed to get round to sewing both beanies:

I like how they can be worn in two ways, either on its whole length, hanging a bit at the back, or as a better fitted hat.
I found the pattern from the blog "Hamburger Liebe" (there). It is in German, but really not complicated to make. It took me about 1h30 per hat in total and I am very satisfied with the result. Another plus on this pattern is the number of sizes available! You can perfectly make your own adult hat from the same pattern. So I am definitely keeping it for future projects and recommending it!


  1. Oh I so hate to sew beanies!!! Never do they fit. Too big, too small, too tight, too wide... The result is always different from the last time I made it. I suppose that it depends on which fabric I use. I've tried out different patterns and made some myself. But it was always really dissappointing. The best one was made with wristband. I really take it personally when I fail at this... as I have never sewed... So, congrats to your cute hats!

    1. Good to read you Cristina!! Try out the pattern, it really seems good to me. My children have different head shapes but it fits them both :)