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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

More felt food ^^

I have two nieces, aged 3,5 and 1,5 yo. They are growing so quickly and unfortunately I live too far away to see them regularly. I do miss them but making things for them knowing that they will be delighted in getting a parcel always makes me smile.
Part of the work was an order from my sister, part was a present for L. and M. 

So let's see what we have:
Small embroidered handkerchiefs. L. got sick several weeks ago, and M. kept wanting to use tissues to do like her sister, so I made them some handkerchiefs to save a bit on the tissues ;)
The beans, tomatoes and four meringues are my presents for the girls. The rest was ordered by their mother who was fed up of the girls arguing about who would play with what...
And then I made some small bundles just for the fun of it. Children usually likes unpacking very much. Little N. was happy helping me preparing presents for her cousins. She kept babbling about how nice it was and that the girls would be delighted to get something from us, blablablablabla :) it was sweet really!
I had an article already about the two hairpins and the small owl, but I had forgotten to show you the set of hearts that I made for my sister's photos (Christmassy I know, they are planned to be used in winter), and the small cakes were a present from her Photo Challenge of last month.

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