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Monday, 3 March 2014

Accessories for a photograph

My sister is about to officially become a photograph. She is doing a lot of pregnancy, newborn and family pictures. Having children coming around, she needs to attract their attention and smiles to get the sweetest pictures she can :) - while browsing on Pinterest, I found some lens scrunchies made by Madeleine and I loved them. I sent a message to Madeleine to ask if she'd have a pattern to share, but never got an answer... So set out to make a copy and ended up changing a bits here and there. The head is smaller, the wings are larger and it does not have feet. In the end I much prefer mine ^^. In the next months I will try to make some more for my sister (you can check out her blog there)

Still for her photo-sessions, I made two hair-clips for the little girls. They were test flowers and will need improvement, but hopefully they will still be useful.

I can be pretty girly and I LOVE pink! So the pink one is my favourite. I made the blue thinking of my sister though because it is HER favourite colour ;) 

Have you seen the Disney Sleeping Beauty? 
La Belle au Bois Dormant (Disney) 
For many many years we argued about the very last moment of the film: does it end on a pink or on a blue dress? Getting the DVD helped me prove that I was right! It does end on PINK! Yeah!!!!

Anyway, not really that interesting is it? :-p What do you think of the little owl and the two hair-clips?


  1. noooon !! bleuuuue !!! ;) ;) ;)
    J'ai hâte d'essayer tout ça !! merci pour ce si joli travail

    1. Nous lasserons-nous un jour de cette "querelle"? ;)
      Des souhaits de bêbêtes particuliers pour les prochains chouchous? des animaux que tu aimens particulièrement?