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Monday, 17 February 2014

English breakfast

Because it is Monday morning and the children are filling my ears with screams, cries, laughter and demands when it is only 9h20. Because I miss weekend already and my husband's presence at home. Because I love it when he gets up a bit earlier than I do to cook us a delicious breakfast. 

Because of all of this, I am now showing you what he made for us:
I must say that the baked beans are only to be found on my plate.
Somewhere online he read about "breakfast muffins" (I think) and that what he made with our eggs: a layer of bread, bacon all around the edges and in the centre an egg. In the oven just long enough for the bacon to get a little brown (although I think he pre-cooked it in the pan first), for the egg to get the right consistency and then you can enjoy it with the rest of your breakfast and a lovely cup of tea. Earl Grey in my case.
It is the perfect way to start a weekend day!

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