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Friday, 28 February 2014

Cooking & Baking Challenge - Session 8: Baozi

And back again for my recipe of the month! It wasn't me cooking but my husband, and not a recipe from a book... well, not quite!
He read a book  "Eine Himmels Reise" by Markus Hernig and in there were talks about food, among them "Baozi". He decided he wanted to try them out and looked for recipes. I think he used mostly this website,  not following it completely.

Here is what it looked like:
Filling in the making.
 Making the baozis 
Before cooking.
After cooking.
It was difficult to take them out of the bamboo basket, they stuck to the bottom. But once we had them in our plates and could taste them, we just found them DE-LI-CI-OUS! Little N. wasn't a big fan, it was maybe a little too gingery for her. On the other hand Baby T. kept asking for more! I definitely recommend this dish!!

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