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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Coming a little late: Christmas presents!

I know it is early February and talking about presents I got at Christmas is a little late, but well... I am a little behind on everything I want to make and show!

At Christmas we (my siblings, mother and I) did a lot of home-made presents. It was great! It was also special because we were all together for the first time in a long time.

I got an apron from my mother for instance:
It is one of my favourite colours. I had given her the idea because without an apron I can hardly keep my trousers clean more than 1 hour! My two children always seem to find something to make them dirty ^^

For my sister B., I made rice hand-warmers. They are really small and keep the heat about 30 minutes (in the open on a table) which is about the time she needs to go to work.
Funnily it was also in my mother's plans with my youngest brother. Aged 7, he really wanted to make something for his brother and his sisters. Hand-warmers was a very accessible option for him. Here they are:
He chose to make both sides in a different fabric for four of them. He had started cutting fleece, but I had read that they can melt in the micro-wave... So instead he used the fleece to sew a doll blanket for his niece, Little N.:

Little N. was really happy! Not only did she get this lovely blanket for her doll, but she also got a special bag from her grand-ma: a changing mat with nappies and wipes!
She also got play-dough from her aunt B. She had never played with some, but since she has discovered it, she is a big fan! Plus I feel safe as it is made out of cooking ingredients!
One of my other sisters, M., is doing a lot of "deco-patch" (using paper napkins and gluing them on wooden objects for instance). And from her I got this very nice tissue box:
I, we, received a lot more both presents and love. The best of all as I said before was that we were all together. My children got to spend time with their grand-parents, all their uncles and aunts, and their cousins. We all live quite far from each other, so we cherish those times spent together!
And I am quite proud to see what everybody in the family can do and is keen on making for each other ^^ 

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