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Friday, 14 February 2014

Cakes, carrots and more...

Three years ago I acquired a mechanical spool-knitting tool. It is just brilliant, you turn the handle at a regular speed and you get a long cord to do whatever you want with it ^^. Back then I got a little carried away and made meters and meters of cords. I still now haven't used all of it!
Last week I decided to finally use the orange one to make some carrots for the children's kitchen. On top I added some green felt. I managed to make four which is enough for now.
Last week still, I got on trying to finish the felt set that my sister asked for her daughters. Here are the two small cakes (6cm diameter, 6cm height):
And just because I really like my tiny strawberry, here is a close-up of it:

There is a lot more to come, but I am waiting to be finished and to have sent everything before showing more pictures. 

While watching me work for her cousins, Little N. has been begging me to make her:
- a cake
- a pizza
- strawberries

I need a little more time before I get round to doing this for her, but in the meantime she got:
Mini Sponge-cakes
Small chocolates (I replaced the real chocolate by cardboard and then glued the paper back!)

N. ran to her kitchen on getting those cakes and put them straight in the oven. Then asking for more!
A set of four fish.
N. and T.' s kitchen is starting to be rather full of various ingredients. It is fun to watch them use them all in different ways. Sugar cake is N.'s current favourite, while T. likes to use the frying pan.
Keep an eye on the blog for more felt food soon!

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