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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Baking afternoon with the little ones

Last week the children and I didn't feel like going outside, so we had a baking afternoon instead!
The children made cornflakes coated in chocolate.
Baby T. is now a year old and Little N. almost two and a half. T. was extremely interested in watching his sister but also in smashing the cereals in the small box I gave him. I must say that the ground was all covered with them! But at least he had fun. N. was very seriously mixing everything, also kindly giving out cornflakes to her brother :)
And since they were so nicely and quietly busy on their own, I did some baking on my own ^^
Little N. then was concentrated on making small piles. In the end I had to help her because she was eating more chocolate than she was putting on the baking sheet. You can see below the difference between her work and mine ;)
And that was my baking: some Madeleines with raisins. Both children really liked them and we had a lovely time in the kitchen together.

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